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Riverwalk Center

Nestled in the heart of this historic mining town, the Riverwalk Center, a multifaceted, award-winning performing arts facility is the focal point for summer activities.  The Riverwalk Center is the westernmost anchor of the Breckenridge Arts District.  Please click here to find out more about the Arts District.  The Riverwalk Center is part of the Blue River Restoration Project embarked on by the Town of Breckenridge in 1992. The Blue River walkway, the Riverwalk Center, and its native landscape offer a beautiful setting for picnics, special events or simply relaxing along the banks of the river.


Raising the Roof- the Riverwalk Center Transformation

For 15 years, the 770-seat Riverwalk Center, a seasonal amphitheater covered by a tent, hosted thousands of concerts and events. In 2006 it was determined that the existing tent needed to be replaced due to normal "wear and tear". And in September 2007, the Town of Breckenridge embarked on a capital improvement project to replace the tent with a roof and walls. This project is a public/private collaborative partnership. Over $1,000,000 has been raised privately to significantly enhance this community icon and hub of cultural offerings. The Town of Breckenridge funded the remaining cost of the project, over $3 million.

During 2007/2008 winter season, a roof and walls were erected over the existing amphitheater structure and other facility improvements were made as well. This project has substantially enhanced the patron and performer experience by improving the acoustics, temperature control and lighting within the facility. The unique connection to the outside environment which makes the Riverwalk Center so special has been maintained with six large clear doors that open to the Riverwalk Center Lawn. The lawn area expands the Riverwalk Center's capacity by over 2000.

Will the Riverwalk Center continue to be a seasonal venue?

Yes, the Riverwalk Center will remain a seasonal facility (only fully staffed in the summer but still used in the winter), but the design is flexible enough to allow for winter use, which will provide an opportunity to host the growing number of winter events. The transformation will also "stretch" the summer season to accommodate more early and late season events. The Riverwalk Center will continue to be the site of many summer activities including Town Party, classical performances by the National Repertory Orchestra (NRO) and the Breckenridge Music Festival Orchestra (BMF), the Blue River Series, Fourth of July concerts and activities, jazz concerts, rock concerts, dance troupes, kids concert series, weddings and much, much more.

General Venue Information

The Riverwalk Center is a 770 seat indoor venue with glass doors that open onto a lawn next to the Blue River.  The venue is heated.  Snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served during most shows. The Riverwalk Center may be rented for private functions.  Please click here for more information on rental.

The Breckenridge Theatre

Located in the bustling 100 block of South Ridge Street and in the heart of the Breckenridge Arts District, this 100-seat performing arts theater and multi-functional venue offers an intimate theatre experience.  The Theatre was once a tavern, Shamus O'Tooles, until 2001 when the Town of Breckenridge purchased the tavern along with the adjacent property.  In 2002, the old Shamus O'Tooles was remodeled into the new home of  the Backstage Theatre after they lost their performance venue.  The remodel was a collaborative effort between the Town, the Backstage Theatre and private donors.

The purchase of the Shamus O'Tooles also began the creation of the Arts District - click here to find out more about the Arts District.  Today, a variety of entertainment is presented at the Theatre including performances by the resident award-winning community theatre company, the Backstage Theatre, and films during the Breckenridge Festival of Film in June.   

TICKETS: The resident community theatre company, Backstage Theatre, Inc., performs a variety of productions throughout the year. For tickets and information, call (970) 453-0199 or visit

Additionally, a variety of organizations utilize the theater including the Breckenridge Festival of Film. Contact the Festival of Film at (970) 453-6200 or


 The Breckenridge Music Festival - Website

 Year-round programming including the Summer Festival, featuring the Breckenridge Music Festival Orchestra, in residence each summer; Chamber music in intimate   settings; Blue River Series jazz, blues and bluegrass, roots rock country and many other musical styles.



 Breckenridge Music Festival brings great music to residents and visitors of Summit County.

 The Breckenridge Music Festival is supported by funding from the Colorado Creative Industries Division, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the   Arts, a federal agency.



Public Art History and Master Plan
The Art in Public Places Master Plan was adopted in August of 1996 and updated in January of 2006.  The development of this master plan began in 1992 with a team of citizens and Town employees.  This committee was created to develop a master plan, stimulate public interest in the arts and develop a review process for the placement of art in public places.


The Public Art Commission is currently a seven member commission appointed by the Breckenridge Town Council for two-year terms.

 Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships

Snow Sculpture Championships Overview


  For many years this wintertime event remained on a small and local scale, bringing everyone from merchants to schoolchildren into the fold of snow sculpting. However, in the late   1980's, the event broadened to a statewide competition. And in 1991 Breckenridge hosted the first International Snow Sculpture Championships. Since its inception, the event has   fostered a spirit of worldwide artistic camaraderie, bringing together cultures as diverse as Russia, China, Japan, Morocco, Belize, Finland, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden,   Mexico, Great Britain, Spain, Bulgaria and Canada, just to name a few. Language barriers are broken down; political differences are set aside; and the result: art, pure and simple.   Team Breckenridge and Team Ontario Sculptures in Black and White. Photo by Doug Bisson


Each 5-person team carves unique sculptures, often times depicting cultural influences, proud heritages and aspirations of those whose skills are involved. Only hand tools are allowed in the competition; no power tools or colorants may be used.

At the end of the five-day period (65 hours total), a panel of artist judges will find a favorite on the basis of theme, style and technique. On Sunday during the awards ceremony, the sculptors will also learn which team has been selected as People's Choice($1 a vote that goes right back to the event), Kids' Choice and Artists' Choice.

The Events Business News has named the International Snow Sculpture Championships to the top 200 events Internationally. A list of some of the major media inclusion in past years includes: Fuji TV (Japan), CNN, British Broadcasting Company, CBS This Morning, Today Show - Willard Scott, National Geographic Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Dallas Morning News, USA Today, New York Times, MSNBC, Travelocity and the Uncarved Blocks Early MorningTravel Channel.